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Lumi Buddyz

Introducing "Lumi Buddyz" – the enchanting collection of collectable night lights for children crafted from soft, squeezable silicone. Imported by IEP Wholesale. Illuminate your child's world with these delightful companions, each possessing a unique charm and a heart warming ID card that helps little ones and their parents get to know their new buddy.

In a time long before the Moon graced our night sky, it was a dark and silent planet until the extraordinary Lumis decided to call it home. Transforming the barren landscape into a radiant wonderland, the Lumis created whimsical villages filled with playful pigs, wise ducks, and other endearing creatures. Their unique ability to emit a gentle and comforting glow turned the once-dark terrain into a luminescent paradise.

Guided by the wise and benevolent Emperor of the Lumis, these celestial beings gathered in the Grand Luminary Hall, where a proclamation of love and kindness was shared. The Lumis, compassionate and caring, volunteered to share their magical glow with the children of Earth, banishing shadows and fears from their cosy bedrooms.

From the moonlit villages, brave Lumis such as Bubba the pig and Quacker the duck descended to Earth, becoming the cherished Lumi Buddyz. With the magic of their celestial home, these moonlit emissaries embarked on a mission to bring comfort, joy, and wonder to children worldwide. Each Lumi Buddy, a guardian of dreams, cast away darkness and illuminated the night with the Moon's enchanting glow.

Now, Lumi Buddyz are ready to join your child's bedtime routine, turning each night into a luminary adventure filled with love, courage, and the everlasting magic of the Moon. Choose from the diverse personalities of these radiant companions, some even featuring RGB lighting to add a playful touch to the bedtime experience. Let the Lumi Buddyz become a part of your child's world, bringing not just light but a piece of the Moon's magic into their dreams.

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